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For those of you that have been customers of Laurel Designs already and visited the OLD website you will hopefully notice a very new look for the site. You may well ask why the change? However, if you have already visited the studio you will know why! The old site was white font on a black background and at the time I thought it was perfect and what I wanted to represent the business. I quickly realised that the clients that Laurel Designs attract didnt really like the website if truth be known.

One bride in particular was referred to us and when she visited the old site she was put off, and was very close to cancelling the appointment but decided to trust her friend and when she walked into the studio she was so surprised and was honest and told me that our Website did not reflect the studio or our work.

This is what triggered the complete removal of the site and a holding page put up until we got the site the way we wanted it and the way we hope our customers want it!

It may have taken a couple of months but we have had so many ideas and also added so many more items/products.

We would love to hear what you think of the new site. How easy are you finding your way around?

Remember if you want to see the products in real life then drop us an email to or to arrange a FREE visit to our fabulous studio where you can go through ALL our stationery designs and see many products out on show.

Looking forward to your feedback… gentle. Lol.


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