wedding stationary

We hold consultations in the studio, where we have lots of products out on show along with lots of lovely stationery designs to sift through! Some stationery that is not currently on Facebook or on the Website as they are very new samples that may have only just been made and we cant show until the Bride & Groom they were for, gives us permission to do so! So visiting the studio means you get to see lots more designs…
Anyway, we think we have found a solution to couples that are not local to us or in fact that maybe can’t get babysitters…Facetime/Skype consultations.
We have now held 3 Facetime sessions with couples. It’s great, as the couples can sit in the comfort of their own homes and have a chat while I get samples out and hold them up to the camera. I can even show samples of the card or the ribbons etc that I might be thinking of using…


We held another Facetime consultation just last night and the process is just so easy that I am suggesting it to lots more couples that are making enquiries.


We did a showcase on Saturday just gone with Macdonalds Botley Park Hotel and also Elmers Court at the West Quay Shopping Centre, where I met a couple and the bride is from Luxembourg and the groom is French. Well the bride has just confirmed a Skype consultation with me as she is back in Luxembourg so I am looking forward to having a chat with her about her stationery for their wedding in August.


So if time or locality is not on your side, then get in touch to book a Facetime/Skype consultation with us and experience the process for yourselves.

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