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Well summertime is certainly in full swing now, the fashion stakes were definitely raised this year at Ascot with some fabulous coverage from Gok, but we still have some further quintessentially English events adorning the social calendar. This I have no doubt will have us reaching for that glass of Pimms or in my case that larger than life glass of Pinot Grigo!

So we have pushed the boat out and purchased the outfit of a lifetime together with those must have accessories, a cuter than cute clutch bag and those bejewelled stilettos you,ve had your eye for months!

You might start to ask yourself where I am going with this so picture this; you arrive at your friends wedding looking like you have just stepped out of Tatler magazine, when you are ushered into the beautiful grounds of the hotel where drinks are being served by a dapper young gentleman and where the obligatory group wedding shots are being taken.

We’ll I am sure I woke up this morning at 5ft 8 but with those darling stilettos on I am now approaching 5ft 10. However as soon as I step foot on that green stuff (yes turf) I seem to be getting that sinking feeling! I proceed to go up on the balls of my feet in hope that I can retrieve my stiletto heals from the said turf only to begin prancing around the grounds like a small Shetland pony! After several trips to and from the group photo shoots and a few detours to the young gentleman with the champers, my calves are in a league of their own, which I am sure at this point could even rival that of Arnold’s Schwarzenegger!

So ladies my simple advice to u this summer is, purchase some heel protectors, they are very inconspicuous, can be put on at any time before or during your event and will definitely keep not only yourself, but your beloved stilettos on top form this summer! After all nobody wants that 3inch piece of turf as a memento of your fabulous day out!

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